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WellNGud Farrier Quick Nipper 12″

WellNGud Farrier Quick Nipper 12″ WITH  TWO SPRING

The WellNGud Farrier Quick Nippers are designed especially for barefoot trimming. The integrated spring system allows you to nip with one hand by keeping pressure of the handles against the fingers and palm of your hand. The flared handles conform to the shape of your hand, giving you a more comfortable grip with greater leverage. The Quick Nippers allow you to form the arc of the Mustang Roll with multiple bevel cuts around the outer edge of the hoof wall. This method of trimming forms a wider, higher arc while preserving the thickness of sole horn to promote greater comfort for the horse when going barefoot. The cutting blades are specially formed to ‘wedge off’ very narrow strips of horn along the upper border of the roll. That also saves you effort rasping the outer wall to finish shaping the roll. Every set of nippers comes with two springs, one for a softer action that helps you learn to use the nippers and a stronger spring for firmer action. The firm-action spring helps the nippers recoil faster from thick cuts of horn, speeding your trimming.

We want you to keep your Quick Nippers SHARP! That makes this method of bevel cut trimming much easier and more effective. So we are including a FREE diamond nipper sharpener with every set of Quick Nippers. No need to order a sharpener separately!

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