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WellnGud Farrier has grown from selling horseshoe tools, into the Italy and UK leading specialist both in hoof care and farrier products. With over 100 Million products cataloged on the website being shipped from all around the world at a delivery speed previously unimaginable.

We founded & established 2001 “WellnGud Farrier”, we start selling our products local market vendors and suppliers. We expand our business over the world wide export quality product. We start our supply in farrier tools Europe countries. We developed our new product and up to date our customer, if they are subscribe to us, if you are subscribe “WellnGud Farrier” you always get up dates information with us.

We Manufacturing the Farrier Tools, Forging Tools, Farrier Clothing, you will get all farrier tools from one platform is called “WellnGud Farrier”. We are available Monday to Friday 9am-5pm EST. Our professional sale persons available on detail information about products.
We live and breathe hoofcare!
We are passionate about hoofcare, with a mission to elevate the role and awareness
of the discipline. Our passion manifests itself through not only our products and people, but also by sharing our knowledge with the farrier industry. Via this farrier shop website we will be able to share our knowledge with you. It gives you as a hoofcare specialist, the possibility of contacting our experts in case of any hoofcare related questions.

We always updates our terms and conditions and privacy policy on website, so our customer and visitor can get all information online up to dates.

Any Questions regarding our products, kindly send us email to: voice contact to: +44 7868 821867

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